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Jet Pump design offers economical solutions for many complex process operations.


Providing a practical alternative to more complicated and expensive methods,

Jacoby-Tarbox®  jet pumps offer simple, more cost-effective ways to pump, mix or heat a wide range of liquids and gases used in the process industry. Jet pumps can operate with a wide variety of motive liquids and gases. If you recognize any of the following, you can probably use aJacoby-Tarbox®  jet pump.







Kinematic Pumps





Jacoby-Tarbox®  jet pumps have a myriad of uses. Jet pumps not only pump liquids, they can also heat, mix and blend either in-line or in-tank. Jet pumps can evacuate gases, create a vacuum, boost suction pressures, mix granular solids with liquids and move granular solids with compressed air.


There are many uses for jet pumps.  To identify pumps for specific processing operations and perhaps recognize new ways to use jet pumps to reduce costs and optimize your plant's efficiency, please visit www.Jacoby-tarbox.comJacoby-Tarbox® invites you to explore the possibilities of jet pump use in your operation. You might be surprised at the many ways jet pumps can help improve your company's profitability.




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